Maybe you're like me, you're starting from zero when it comes to meeting new people, making friends and building your network (sheesh! that word) but you know that you have to or at least you've heard you have to.

I moved to a new city and had to start from scratch, twice! 
Meeting and bonding with new people totally transformed my life. Maybe you want this , but you're not quite sure where to start or what to do?


That's okay, I've done the research + experimenting for you, and I've boiled it all down to practical tips and strategies you can use everyday, everywhere . You'll get an email each day for 7 days that will walk you through:


  • The roadmap and why it's important
  • resources from me to help you dive deeper into each tip/strategy
  • my favorite: action steps for each checkpoint so you can actually start moving towards your goal. (you will be taking some kind of action each day, which will keep you motivated + on track.)


Did I mention it's FREE? Yep. It's a no-brainer.

Sign up below to start the roadmap to more fun, more opportunities, more excitement in your life, and more unexpected but amazing adventures. 

Bukie Iwajomo

The Badass Brand's Strategist @bukieiwajomo

You make networking so easy and exciting.

Tope Emiola


I just binged on all your emails...

Such great content I was missing out on.