Are You Interested in Joining My Advanced Readers Group?


What's in it for you?

  • You'll receive news about upcoming releases before everybody else;
  • I'll also send you an electronic copy of each new book BEFORE it's offered to the world;
  • From time to time, I may run competitions for you guys because I really appreciate that you're willing to give me feedback, input, and point out silly mistakes.


What can you do for me?


Check for Continuity

  • In my first book, Honi went for a walk in the evening, and when he got back, the sun was rising. Problem: the walk only lasted half an hour.
  • Continuity errors are as annoying for readers as for TV viewers. If it hadn't been for an early reader (thanks, sis) AFTER the official edits were done, I would have published it like that. It's no biggie overall, but I was very happy my sister caught it before publication.


Post a short review


  • Apart from the dialogue with you, I would LOVE if you could leave me a review on Amazon. Nobody really knows how Amazon algorithms work, although we can make educated guesses. Reviews seem definitely to play a major factor in how often a book appears in search results.

If you think I deserve 3 stars or less, please contact me first because that kind of feedback is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. If the writing is bad, I'll try to improve it. I'll certainly learn from constructive criticism so please don't hold back!

Kind regards