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Monday, March 25th  - Real Help for Real Parents with Amy Bronkhorst 

Parenting toddlers is hard. Their behavior can leave us feeling exhausted, angry, and frustrated. But there are things you can do to make it easier. Simple things like change the way you respond to them, examine their schedule as well as yours, and control the environment rather than controlling them. We will be looking at a variety of ways parents of toddlers can reduce the chaos and experience the joy of parenting. Most of these principles apply to parenting children of any age, so all parents are welcome and encouraged to join us.

starting parenting over

Amy is a wife and a mom to six kids, ages 3 to 23. In her blog, Starting Parenting Over, she shares her experiences of starting over with two baby girls when her four boys were all teens. She desires to encourage parents, especially parents of toddlers, as they navigate life with littles.

Tuesday, March 26th  - Hot Mess to Handled with Kristin Mullen

Kristin Mullen knows what it’s like to feel like your life is just one big chaos parade. But, after setting the intention to simplify her life, she also knows it’s possible to get a handle on things and achieve days that are much more balanced and fulfilling -- even if your last shower is two-days past-due.

In Hot Mess to Handled, you’ll learn how to tackle one of biggest contributors to chaos in your life -- clutter. You’ll learn why decluttering is important (hint: less stuff means less to take care of, which means more time for you), how to get started, and how to use what Kristin calls, The Zone & Zack Morris Method to find the time to get it done in just 15 minutes a day.

totally the mom

As a busy mom of four kiddos (ages 2-9), Kristin knows what it’s like to feel like your life is just one big chaos parade. She is uber passionate about helping her fellow hot mess mamas make a huge transformation in their lives. She provides realistic decluttering strategies, time management tips and mom life hacks. Because kids are crazy; life doesn’t have to be.

Wednesday, March 27th  - Mommy Mindset with Alicja Ciesielska

What if I told you that you already have all it takes to improve your parenting game, to make your life just the way you've always wanted it to be? This presentation will show you the power of mindset and knowing your life purpose. Yes, you read that right - mindset work is not only for athletes and life purpose is not only for philosophers. You can do it mommy style!

just redefine

Alicja is a wife, mommy of three bombs of energy and a stay at home psychologist. She blogs about mindset and supports moms all over the world in their fight with life chaos. She's fueled by coffee and keto desserts.

Thursday, March 28th  - Love Yourself with Laura Cable Nau

Presentation on body confidence and self-love for moms and learning to find our identity after having children. Laura wants to encourage moms to find their confidence and realize their self-worth. She will provide tips and advice on ways to work on their body confidence and love themselves.

nau and forever

Laura Nau is a life and fitness coach for women. Laura loves empowering women to love themselves as they are while still pursuing and achieving their goals.

Friday, March 29th  - Oils BEFORE Overwhelm with Christi Knowles Galy

Life can get overwhelming in any stage of life we walk through. If we're not careful, we begin to react to the overwhelm around us instead of respond to it with intention, leaving us drained, defeated, and down in the dumps. I have been reacting to my circumstances for far too long, and I am on a journey to intentionally respond to them with tools provided by Young Living Essential Oils, to better the everyday in our home...for the sake of my family. Cause, it's really true..."If momma ain't happy...ain't NOBODY happy!" 

If you find yourself wondering how, you too, can change your reactions to your circumstances (cause, let's face it...we can't change the circumstances), I'd love to share with you what has worked for our family!

dwelling well mom

Christi is a stay at home mom of 5 energetic little boys under the age of 7, with twin toddlers thrown into the mix! Focusing on the truths in Philippians 4:8, she is striving to find the PEACE in the midst of her mundane!


Friday, March 29th  - 13 Super Simple Strategies You can Apply Today to Improve Your Mom Life with Suzi Whitford

Suzi has helped over 40,000 moms start and grow their blogs and many of her students are making $2,000 - $20,000 per month with their own blogs. Over the past five years, along with the help of her amazing husband, they have grown their family by three and paid off all of their debt before the age of 30. 

In this presentation (created explicitly for Moms for Moms Summit!), this successful mompreneur shares some of her actionable tips on how to "do it all" and stay sane.

start a mom blog

Suzi is a former Industrial Engineer who left the corporate world to raise her little tribe of children. She spends her free time helping moms build their blogs and applies her corporate knowledge of Lean Six Sigma to simplify the blogging process.  Suzi aims to help other moms gain the confidence to use their talents and grow successful businesses online. 

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