Have fun with your friends while getting answers to your most nagging questions!

What am I supposed to do with my life?

When will my business take off?

How can I be the best mom to my kids?

Do you like getting together with your friends but don't know what to do or just don't like preparing your house and getting snacks ready?

Oracle Card Parties are a fun way to enjoy time with your friends and can be done in-person or online so there’s no mess to clean up.

Not only are oracle cards beautiful to look at, but they can help show you how you are supposed to make an impact on this world. 

M. Cornish


"Josie is amazing at what she does! I purchased two different chakra readings from Josie and they were equally awesome! Not only did I get the card readings, but Josie also sent me recordings, meditations, and journal prompts so I can continue to work on my chakras on my own. I highly recommend Josie Myers Chakra Whisperer!!"

What people have to say about Josie Myers

Dr. M. Watson

Business Doctor Millionaire Alliance Corp

"I received a reading from Josie at a time when I NEEDED some guidance and her reading was spot on, and helped confirm and lead me in a direction that has made exponential progression in my life and business! My 2nd reading was just as great as the first! I WILL be using the intuitive gifts of Josie again"

The benefits of working with oracle cards include:

Reduced stress,

Greater grounding,

Increased positivity, and

A better connection to your higher power!

From the moment I bought my first deck, I was hooked and I love sharing the joy of oracle cards with other women.

In person or online - you decide!

Many decks to choose from including Angels, Mermaids & Dolphins, and Butterflies. 

Only $35 per person


Introductory special - Hostess is FREE!