Praying the Psalms Challenge

Let's pray God's prayer book!

The Psalms do an amazing thing - they intricately reveal both the heart of man and of God. Within their pages are prayers of every nature - from worship and sorrow, to triumph and thanksgiving - all aimed at God's throne.

They are a beautiful blueprint for relying upon the Lord and pursuing His Kingdom in the here and now.

Explore the Psalms and make them your own this Fall!

What's Inside


Study over 20+ psalms in prayer. Each week focuses on a particular theme: Psalms of Strength, Thanksgiving, Wisdom, and Praise. 


Each psalm includes a daily commentary highlighting biblical truth that will encourage and strengthen your heart in worship.


Over 90 prayer prompts lead you through practically and specifically seeking the Lord through the each line of the psalm. 

Shape Your Faith With God's Word

Beyond our everyday petitions for good health and help, what should we ask for? The psalms go past basic requests and lead us in delighting in who God is.

The second of Free Indeed's challenges, Praying the Psalms desires to send women to Scripture for renewed hope and spiritual growth. In studying the struggles and praises of the saints long before us, we sharpen and strengthen our own beliefs. Come discover how our deepest needs are met by our mighty God!

About the Author


I am an Ivy-Leaguer turned homemaker immensely humbled and inspired by God's grace. I'm passionate about sharing God's glory with women and equipping them to pursue it in prayer because of its power to transform their view as wives, mothers, and servants of the Kingdom.

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