Ready to Take the Chaos Out of Your Holidays?

Holidays for Single Moms Can Be Crazy AF!

Are you a single mom who is in need of a lot less overwhelm and confusion on her holidays? Well, babe, you're in luck, because I have just the thing you NEED!

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Is this your first Christmas or holiday as a single mom? Or maybe you've been enduring this for a few years like myself? Whatever your situation, being a single mom during the holidays can suck.  Having to deal with new beginnings and leaving old holiday traditions behind, it can be tough. This is an awesome resource for surviving the holidays as a single mom.

Hey there! I'm Daisha

I'm Daisha, mama of three. I remember my first holidays as a single mom. It was a very difficult year. My depression was at its worst.  I remember feeling so alone and trying not to fall apart in front of my kids. I didn't want our change in family dynamics to affect my kids holiday completely. 

The first year was definitely the hardest, but it did get better. In time, my heart healed as I put my energies into creating new events and projects to look forward to. Now my kids look forward to these new traditions too.

Aren't You Tired of Complicated Holidays? I Can Help.

Unfortunately, not all single mothers get to every holiday with their kids. Every other year you have to ship them off to dads' house or family members, so have a resource to keep track of allll that can be a huge sanity saver!

Your Holiday Planner comes with a monthly calendar for November and December so you can pencil in important dates like when they'll be with dad or other Holiday functions.

Take the guesswork out of your holidays TODAY!


The kids are out of the house and that could be an awesome thing! Host an intimate dinner party with some of your nearest and dearest. Or some other single mamas in your local community. The dinner doesn't need to be extravagant. Just a nice home cooked meal, table settings, and maybe some New Year paraphernalia. 

It also doesn't have to be JUST a dinner. Why not make a dinner/game night party and throw in a few drinks for fun. The kids are gone, so now is your time to let loose and have some fun!

Protecting Yourself from Overwhelm

Allow yourself stress free holidays, full of good vibes and colorful memories. For all the hard work you do as a mom, treat yourself.