Join us for the 2018 session of Tomato Academy. It's not just a course about gardening, it's the ultimate tomato growing experience.

Hey! I'm Laura.

I admit it. I'm a tomato addict. Every year, we grow hundreds or even thousands of tomato plants on our 15 acre farm in Georgia.

We absolutely love growing tomatoes, but I have a lot of friends who struggle to get a good tomato crop every year.

I understand how it is. You have a job, a family, and a life that demands constant attention. It's hard to find time to fit tending a garden into your life.

That's exactly why I created Tomato Academy. It's a course designed to make growing tomatoes easy and fun. 

As a student of Tomato Academy, you also gain a community of gardeners who are available to answer questions and celebrate successes.

I write a lot about growing tomatoes on my blog at If you're new to growing tomatoes, head over to this post to start learning now. 


What is Tomato Academy?

Tomato Academy was created to help people who want to grow tomatoes home, but have not had a great experience. Students will learn how to choose the right tomato variety, start their plants from seed, grow healthier plants for higher production and better flavor, and we'll even go over harvesting, recipes, and preserving your crop.

What's Included In The Course?

Garden Planning Spreadsheets

We'll use the spreadsheets to find seed starting dates for each student, and I'll show you how to use them to plan your whole garden.

Tomato Growing Workbook

The workbook included with the course helps you by guiding you through what your tomatoes need week by week.

Instructional Videos

You will have access to video instruction for tomato tasks like pruning, how to support your tomato plants, and more.

Visual Pest Guide

This guide will help you identify and get rid of common pests on tomato plants. Only organic options will be discussed.

Private Facebook Group

The private Facebook group is the perfect place to upload pics of your tomatoes, ask for help, or share your recipes!

Weekly Q&A

In a weekly live Q&A session, the course instructors will be talking about timely and relevant issues for tomato growers and answering any questions from students.

How Much Does It Cost?

Get on the waiting list now and you're guaranteed the lowest price for Tomato Academy at only $40 per student.