Resilience Reset

A FREE 3 Day Spring Reset for Body, Mind and Soul.

March 19 - 21, 2019

I warmly invite you to this free, 3-day reset centered on gently honoring your intuition and bringing in the change you so desire.

Life is precious and can change in a second. At the same time that hardships and tragedies can come our way, beautiful miracles are happening all around us!

Holding this paradox can be the key to our Spring Reset leading us to the transformation we crave. Spring Equinox is the perfect time to do this.

The Monarch Butterfly is our symbol for Resilience Divas. Resilience allows us to step into transformation and embrace the life we are meant to be living.

Do you feel like something is holding you back from living the life you really want to live?

Are there things that you want to do, but fear keeps getting in the way?

Do you want an easy and positive life but sometimes aren’t sure how to get there?

I get it! As we go through life, we amass emotional scar tissue and it can leave us internally clogged up. We aren’t connected to our core self or our soul anymore. We end up worn out and too tired from the struggle and overwhelm.

This reset is all about remembering that, like a ship that goes off course, all we need to do is make a few minor adjustments to change course. These 3 days will be a gentle reminder of how seamless and easy the answers can sometimes be.

The Resilience Reset is happening in the Resilience Divas Facebook group from Tuesday March 19 - Thursday March 21. And it’s totally free to participate!

About Me

My name is Debbie Ducommun and I am the Queen Diva of Resilience Divas. Yes, I've earned my academic chops in Family Studies and I've worked as a counselor with women. I also have a background in  Human Resource Management and Career and Academic Advising. But that is not what I'm all about.

My super power is helping women reclaim their joy by finding their resilient core, coming home to self and regaining their empowerment and sense of purpose again.  I've learned not only how to deal with the difficult events in life, but I've learned what it takes to adapt and change, rest and recover.

Best of all, I've learned how to come back stronger and with more joy and presence in my life. It's a process, but it's the most wonderful process of reclaiming life!

See you soon for the Resilience Reset!