Ready to run Facebook Ads, but don’t know what to do?

You know that Facebook Ads is one of the best places to invest your advertising money but you’re having a hard time figuring out how to get set up the right way and the best tactics to get clients


  • Watched countless videos and read tons of articles...
  • Tried creating content and ads...
  • Boosted a post...

And still, feel lost!


  • you’re not quite ready yet to invest in a Facebook Ads Manager
  • You want to take on this task yourself
  • You want someone to just teach you how to use this tool effectively

Introducing Facebook Ads Virtual Intensive Workshop

Grow Your Online Business With Consistent Leads Using Facebook Ads — Without Feeling Overwhelmed!

Virtual Intensive Workshop Self Study

Sign up for just $47

This intensive workshop video recordings is a unique opportunity to learn all you need to start building your email list using Facebook Ads. 

How Would It Feel to …

  • Have your Facebook ad set up?
  • Have the exact strategy to begin list building?
  • Have expert advice and help for a quarter of the cost to hire an Ads Manager?
  • Create effective ads that will get your leads at a low cost per conversion?

This is what you will walk away with from the Virtual Workshop!

You will learn everything you need to know to run your ads effectively!

Here is what you will learn during the workshop:

➟ How to put together a Facebook ad that will consistently attract people to your offer.

➟ How to create Facebook Ads that work. 

➟ The trick to finding your exact target audience.

➟ How to stop chucking money out the window and make sure you get an ROI (return on investment).

➟ How to write ad copy that gets approved and not in violation.

➟ How to create and choose scroll-stopping graphics for your ads

➟ What type of ad you should run if you should boost a post or not.

➟ How to set up your ads from start to finish.

➟ Installing and checking your Facebook pixel.

➟ How to split-test to get your winning ad.

There's no upsell product or anything else you need to buy. I include everything here for you! 

Bonus 1:

Facebook Ads Swipe File — examples of ads that have helped to bring in hundreds of leads!

Bonus 2:

Don’t have an offer to run ads to?  Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to create that offer in 60 minutes with...

3-Steps To Creating Your Irresistible Offer In 60-Minutes!

Come sign up for this workshop at this special rate and get the guidance from a Facebook Ads Manager & Strategist so you no longer waste money and have a solid understanding of running your Facebook Ads.


Have some questions? Don’t hesitate to email my team/me at or send me a DM on Facebook.