Glamour magick turns up the brightness, contrast and saturation on everything that makes you magnetic...

... a crafty, cunning tool for the accomplishment of your Great Work...

... and a route to boldness, badassery and showing up like never before.

    I've put together some of my best teachings (magical and practical), in a spellbook for personal magnetism.

    Foundations of Glamour Magick:

    🥀 Principles, spells and ceremonies

    🥀 Defining your Great Work

    🥀 The Glamour Practice That Makes
        Everything Possible

    🥀 How to Magnetise an Audience

    Deeper Study:

    🥀 How to Write About Your Work

    🥀 How to Make Money

    🥀 Shadow: the Proper Care and Keeping

    A flatlay image of magical materials - tarot cards, flourite crystals, a crystal mala necklace and some witchy symbols drawn on cardboard.

    ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~

    Herewith, my Blessing:

    By reading the words on this page you are implicated in a web of magic that inexorably draws magical people towards me. You’ll recognise this is you by either (a) the tingling in your body as you read and/or (b) a sign you have received in the past few days.

    Any interaction you make with this page, or with my work, only magnetises my wish for you: that you be prodigiously paid for your talents. My intent is knitted into the pixels and code.

    HAIL you witches, I share with you my Current of Magick. Those who seek Freedom I pray you have found the right teacher at the right time, and later will use your wisdom to teach others.

    It is upon us.

    ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~

    What people say about my classes:

    “Solid gold. This was one of the most practical and applicable workshops I’ve been in. It’s so rare to hear copywriting and marketing spoken about in such an artful, compelling and coherent way. Such a turn on.”

    — Nikki

    “You jumped in with me when I was lost. You gave me clarity about the value of what I do; you painted a picture of my work that changed my business.”

    — Laura

    “At a time when I truly felt I had nothing to offer the world, you taught me to express myself as a magician. I got weird and wild, and now creativity flows in every part of my life.”

    — Laura

    “This course is tremendously valuable: the world started to unfold like it’s meant to unfold. I stepped into being who I’m meant to be.”

    — Jen

    “This work is a tantric experience. When I reach these levels I know I’m being held deeply - I’m safe to do what I need to do.”

    — Lisa

    “Unlike any course I’ve done before. It pushed me way out of my comfort zone.”

    — Maria

    “Anna's classes are accessible, practical, and right on point. There is no fluff here. I learned how to organise my thinking, as well as very clear steps on how to inspire authentic connection with an audience. Anna is SUPER present throughout the whole process, you do not want to miss her live sessions. I highly recommend, especially if you’re struggling to figure things out for yourself. You’ll get the tools you need here.”

    -- Jeana

    “I let go of fear and limitation. Now I know anything is possible.”
    – Chelvi

    “You make magic so easy to understand and practice. It’s brilliant. You can quote me.”

    -- Robyn

    (c) Anna Bellissima 2021