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Motivation for such book

We have a plenty of books on how to learn technical topics in IT. Still, teams struggle to deliver the solution sometimes. And the reasons are not technical. I want to bring to put a spotlight on it.

Ch. 1

Make yourself heard

We don't have the ability to read other people's mind. There's a big difference between a quiet colleague and the one who are open. 

Ch. 2

Remove your inner blockers

To become a better colleague, you have to get rid of some of your quirks. Some of them annoy your colleagues, others are preventing you from doing great stuff. 

Ch. 3

Common sense

"Common sense is not so common".  Pay attention to this. Be aware that things you do are maybe a bit off.

Ch. 4

WTF dude?

Things that are better to avoid to do/say to your colleagues. Your team will talk about it to other teams and it can go into unwanted directions.

Ch. 5

Respect your colleagues

Disrespecting your team members will not make you a better colleague, that's for sure. No matter at which seniority level are you on.

Ch. 6

Improve yourself

Things you can start doing on yourself that will be noticed by your team members.

Ch. 7

Improve your team

Help others become better colleagues. Do things that will provoke progress. Support others in their growth and they will remember it.

Ch. 8

Improve the system

Constantly work on improving the system or the process around you to make them easier to work with. Those things are inevitable in every company or team, but they don't have to be a pain. 


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