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My simple desire is to spread the aroma of Christ in this prickly world. I'm on a mission to live amazed at who God is. Care to join me?


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A few of my popular posts

The powerful impact of Empty in your life

It is true that we don’t ever come out of empty the way we went in… that it changes us.
But can we choose which empty impacts us the most?

What if God is the One who’s waiting on me?

Have you ever thought that perhaps God is waiting on me to stop waiting?
To simply step up and take what He has told me is already mine.

Are you being honest with God?

When I speak of being honest with God, I’m referring to the Garden-of-Eden variety—naked, exposed truth-telling. 

My new devotional book!

Live Amazed 

Embracing the Gifts of God in Longing, Loss, and Life

May we never fail to live amazed as we journey together from dust towards the heavens!