The Depression Pocket eBook

A free resource for anyone experiencing sadness or worried they may be experiencing depression. Learn the difference & take charge of your mental health!

Sadness vs Depression

Learn the difference between feelings of sadness & clinical depression which can impact on many areas of a persons life in very negative ways.

Learn How To Cope + Treatment Options

Discover ways to cope with feelings of sadness or a diagnosis of depression as well as when to ask for more help which is very important!

What's included in this free resource?


The eBook is divided into four main sections:

      Sadness vs Depression | Symptoms & Causes of Depression

Self-Care Strategies | Professional Treatment Options


In this free, easy to digest resource, you will learn about the difference between sadness and the mental health condition of depression. You will also discover the common symptoms and causes of depression and how a diagnosis of depression can significantly impact on an individuals life.

We will also explore self-care strategies and professional treatment options to work through the impacts of depression.


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Looking for even more practical strategies to work through anxiety? Check out the The Depression Pocket eWorkbook - this accompanying digital resource is filled with practical coping strategies to work through the experiences of depression and is available for purchase now ~ click here.

Author | Heather LeGuilloux

Hi there! My name is Heather from heatherleguilloux.ca ~ I am a therapist, Mental Health Blogger and doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

I am also the author of The Anxiety Pocket eBook and the accompanying resource, The Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook.

As a mental health professional, I offer my knowledge and support to others in a range of different settings, including the therapy room, through my articles on my blog, and by creating digital products like these to help individuals understand and find help for their mental health concerns.