Jessica Jan Music

What early listeners are saying about Existential Crisis:

"This is badass." - M.B

"Holy f**** I love [this song]!" - Sam

What early listeners are saying about Run With The Wolves:

"This one is my favorite. It's something different!" - Kashimir

Hey, thanks for your interest in my music! I'm Jessica Jan, creating indie-electro-rock/pop in a small town in central British Columbia. I'm not religious, I'm not atheist, I'm just human...

"Existential Crisis" is about getting stuck in my own head, caught up on the unfair randomness of "the game of life," and my attempt to gain closure.

"Run With The Wolves" is about the wildness within yearning to come out and be free, but it's weighted by concrete jungles and inhibitions. It also touches on our need to give back to mother earth before it's too late. 

I can't wait to hear what you think of these songs!