"It has changed me. I have learned how to embrace my story, take ownership over it."

Ida Ossonemane

Co-Founder of Sip and Cooking

"Brilliant storytelling workshop! Thanks for helping me to tell my story"

Zakiya Bishton

Founder of Mindwalk Yoga

"Bea felt like a seismic shift. 

Her intelligence and generosity know no bounds"

Sarah Bishop 

Founder of Jambo Cards

Tell me if you can relate to this …

You have your own business that has been bringing you money to support your lifestyle, your family, your children. Your work, in your business, comes easy because you have done it before. It’s a continuation of the tasks you were performing in your full-time job before opening your business. In fact, your business kinda fell into your lap.

But from time to time you have a thought whispering in your ears, asking you some difficult questions:

“Is this really what I’m supposed to do? Am I living my purpose?”

And you start having conflicting feelings about your business: from one side you are frustrated with the work, unhappy with the sophistication of clients you are working with and honestly just bored. Yet, from the other side, the business brings money and the tasks come easy to you, so how dare you complain!

Still, that feeling of having a heavy stone in your stomach doesn’t go away. In fact, it routinely brings you down and sometimes make you shed some tears (ok, even more than once if we’re being honest!)

Then you hear someone saying that you have to tell your story …

Maybe it was Michelle Obama in one of her interviews, giving you permission to share your story. Or maybe it was the coach you are working with who said “it all starts with your story”. Or maybe you had a tarot reading and it came up that your lived experience is your greatest asset.

You decide to give it a go and start with another daunting question:

What is my story?

To which, your brain flies straight to your traumas. And you can’t make the connection and instead you think: how can I possibly share such an experience with my clients? What would be the point of it all?

Or maybe your brain doesn’t go digging into your traumatic experiences but it simply tells you that your story isn’t interesting enough. But who cares, let’s give it ago anyway. And you try to get started with the story, hold the pen, open the computer, look at your friend and open your mouth.

But nothing. No ink. No words on the screen. And what comes out of your mouth are a mixed of sentences, words that don’t have a beginning nor an end.

Defeated, you stop trying. And let the time passes while you wait for a miracle to happen, for clarity to appear, for your purpose to manifest itself.

I get it, I really do …

I can still remember the day I went to Oxford for my last ever interview for a communication role. I was pregnant with my second child, had to get a lift from London to Oxford at 4am. It was so cold, the hair in my nostrils turned into ice. And when I got there, I was met by a men, a father with two children, who consistently travelled for his work. When I mentioned my first child (of course I made no mention of the pregancy!!), he asked me:

“What are you going to do with your child when travelling? Since this is something that will happen with this job?”

My brain thought: “What are you doing with your children when you are travelling?”

My mouth said: “Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ll make some arrangements”.

My face smiled politely.

Mind that at that point in life, I had:

  • Worked as a journalist for ten years

  • Travelled in three continents to co-produce a documentary series

  • Survived life

  • Won awards

And still, I was ready to face misogyny to get a full-time job in a role I was very familiar with, because it was easier.

When I left the interview, I felt defeated, angry, unfulfilled. I sat on a concrete step waiting for my ride back home, tried to call some friends for encouragement but nobody picked up. So I sat with myself and my unborn baby and promised us to never ever, work for someone else again unless it was to uplift them, encourage them, making them more visible.

That was five years ago.

Since then, I have:

  1. Coached hundreds of entrepreneurs from historically marginalised backgrounds so that they can gain clarity, confidence and clients

  2. Grown my business by 301% in one year and doubled the revenue every year since so that I can make plan to build generational wealth

  3. Reached more than 10000 people allover the world so that they can learn to be visible CEOs on their own terms

And you can too …

And yes, it all starts with your story. Which for the record is not uninteresting, all over the place, unclear.

Your story is perfection and it will lead you to finding your purpose and helping the people you were supposed to be helping.

Imagine a world where:

You are excited about that new client who profoundly resonated with what you shared and doesn’t ghost you after you tell them the investment to work with you.

Marketing feels like a relaxing walk in the park because you are not trying to be someone else when claiming your visibility. Goodbye to the eternal comparing game with other entrepreneurs! Welcome to your unique way of claiming your space.

You are confident about articulating to your leads and audience why you are doing what you are doing and why it matters.

You deserve that world.

The problem is …

That they sold you on the idea that gaining that world means that you have to be: everywhere, someone else, speaking with huge hands gestures and run to pick up the microphone right NOW!

Here is the truth …

Sharing your story, starts well before the performance of the story itself. That’s the external part, the end result, a consequence. And nobody ever says that.

This is why, I have created a 90-minute masterclass to walk you through the three steps you need to take to share your story. During the masterclass, you will learn:

  1. Why your lived experience is your greatest asset

  2. Two foundational steps you need to take before sharing your story

  3. The biggest challenges you’ll face when sharing your story

Sign up to the masterclass and spend time with me and an amazing group of entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses while having a positive impact in the world. You will be in a safe space and I will support you all the way through.

Signup today, spaces are limited.