Power Your Week with Self-Care

How do you feel at the end of most days? Scattered? Stressed? Worn out? We’re right there with you! 

Your busy work and home life can leave you running on empty and heading toward burnout. But by employing a few simple strategies, you can find at least a few minutes a day, every day, for activities that replenish the fuel in your tank. 

In this free workbook, you will:

  • Figure out which activities make you feel happy, fulfilled, or energized
  • Find where you can make time – even 5 minutes a day – for what fuels you
  • Map out a weekly Fuel-Boosted Schedule that injects joy and calm into each day
  • Get tools for taking advantage of small windows of time and overcoming obstacles

About Semi-Together

A podcast about having some of your life together, all of the time

Semi-Together is a podcast by sisters Melia Dicker & Gillian Burgess. We want to help you get it together as we get it together – taking steps toward our goals, celebrating little victories, and learning to take the kind of advice that we’d give a friend. 

We hope you'll listen and reach out to us anytime!

💕 Melia & Gill