Is it time for a change in your life or work?

Stop drifting. Start designing.



The pandemic's silver lining is, perhaps, the discovery that your current chapter of life or work has outgrown its usefulness. 

But if you're a Rebel with a Cause,* it's hard to commit to a new path. We see more possibilities than most people, and it's easy to get trapped in analysis paralysis.

So what happens? We take the next best thing that comes along, drifting from one job or relationship or place to another. Or we chase intellectually shiny objects down a path that isn't ours to take. 

But we only have one life. Let's make the most of it. 

In the Intentional Rebels group coaching program, you'll learn research-backed principles on human motivation, gain an entirely new understanding about yourself, and design your next chapter with confidence. 


Put your name on the wait list for the self-paced option coming in early May. 

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Yes, I want to start living my truth.

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Who it's for

As a rebel with a cause, you're ready for life and work that's more aligned with who you really are. Pre-existing boxes and job descriptions have never felt comfortable. You've always been a bit different from the norm: 

  • A fast thinker
  • dazzled by too many options
  • an emergent rather than linear way of working
  • Challenger of the status quo
  • Seeker of freedom and autonomy
  • ... yet craving belonging and connection
  • Yearning for more meaningful work
  • ... but traditional, linear planning tools don't work well for you

What we'll cover

In this 5-month group program (9 weekly lessons, an online community and access to live "office hours" coaching in a group setting) you'll design a more authentic, impactful next chapter of life and work. 

Clarity of Self

Learn to hear and trust your inner wisdom

Define your "Motivational DNA:" The Needs and Emotions that drive your decisions

Identify your core Archetypes, personifying different sides of yourself who want a say in your next chapter. 

Clarity of Vision

Create your Life Compass using a short list of your Needs, Emotions and Archetypes 

Craft your life/work vision statement 

Define your boundaries: What's in or out? 

Take your NOs off the table

Clarity of Action

Brainstorm and prioritize opportunities 

Experiment! Have conversations, learn, play 

Improve ability to set boundaries and take NOs off the table

Pursue, negotiate or create your YES 


"Since starting the Intentional Rebels program I have felt more and more anchored, surer of me and what directions work for me rather than my usual "having my head turned" by every possibility... I have certainly become more attuned to NOs and better at recognising YES, rather than just thinking, "I could do that." - Davina, Agent Provocateur 

“The Inner Compass has become more of a living document to me, a canvas I feel into and fine-tune periodically. Each time I come back to it I see more clearly how to give grace to the many facets of my identity in new and shifting work contexts.” – Sam, Strategist and Community Builder

“I’ll be honest, I was coach-skeptical—even coach-averse—until I had the good fortune to meet Jen Rice. As I got to know her, I noticed that she was coaching me during our conversations, and the way she was doing it was powerful, unlike anything I’d previously experienced. I felt seen on a level that impressed me.... I hired her to help me take my practice of Contagious Vulnerability from a state of ideation and curious exploration to one of manifestation and monetization. I could not be happier with the results of our work together! She’s been through her own dark night of the soul so she knows the territory and is able to hold all that comes up along your journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. She’s creative and has a rich toolkit of frameworks she’s designed to help you explore your inner landscape to find out what’s alive for you and what wants to emerge. She uses her strategic mind to help you make sense of all that’s uncovered, seeing patterns and helping you see the forest when you’re stuck in the weeds. She’s also versed in somatic and mindfulness practices which enrich the self-discovery journey by bringing in the wisdom of the body. If you’re looking to birth a more authentic version of yourself or need help navigating transitions, you could not ask for a better partner and guide than Jen. ” - Kate G., Founder, Contagious Vulnerability

    “Within weeks, Jen was able to walk me through a door I never knew existed. The process she uses is hardly difficult, but I certainly didn’t expect the seismic shifts in my thinking, my body or heart as I reconnected with my authentic self. I now have so much more clarity on my next chapter, and more confidence to make it happen." - Krystal F., Sales Director

    “I’ve been spinning my wheels for some time, feeling like my life is about to change direction but not being able to figure out how, when, or in what way. Working with Jen’s very practical mind-body-soul tools is helping me get a better sense of what I want my next chapter to look like… I’m really digging the new tool, as it’s almost like it’s taken my brain out of part of the equation. It’s also just fun!” - Sarah V, writer

    "Jen was able to provide a very different perspective to the difficulties I was having in seeing myself and the potential opportunities I had. She helped guide me to selecting and obtaining a new job and supporting me through the whole process and beyond. If you want someone who takes a less usual path to get results, I would strongly recommend Jen Rice." - Fiona, Chief Strategy Officer

    About me

    Hi, I'm Jen Rice... a rebel with a cause who's never fit into a box. I spent 30 years as a strategist in brand, CX and innovation before finally realizing I was living someone else's life... a life based on should's and expectations, not on what lights me up.  When I finally started listening to my inner voice, I made my escape... sold everything in the US, and roamed 14 countries with a camera and a carry-on. I'm now designing a life that fuels my needs for freedom, creativity and purpose. I'm a writer and coach for "rebels with a cause," based (for now) in T'bilisi, Republic of Georgia. My passion is to inspire original minds to create flourishing lives and work. 

    You can learn more at my website