What you'll read

Ch. 1

Get to know what forex is

You'll learn what forex trading is.

Ch. 2

Advantages of forex trading

In this chapter, you'll learn the exciting advantages of forex trading. 

Ch. 3

Understand currency pairs

Get to know what currency pairs are and and which ones are the most traded. Also learn how to read forex quotes.

Ch. 4

How do you profit in forex trading?

This chapter will show you how the money is made when trading forex.

Ch. 5

How do you start forex trading?

You will get easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to help you get started with forex trading right away.

Ch. 6

Risks of forex trading

Get the heads up on the pitfalls to look out for when trading forex online.

Ch. 7

Online forex trading scams

This chapter will explore the scams that are used to steal from forex newbies. Get the knowledge you need to protect yourself.

Ch. 8

FAQ's on forex trading in Zimbabwe

Get the answers to some of the most burning questions concerning online forex trading from Zimbabwe