When The People Win, The Business Wins.

Drive productivity by creating an environment where people are joyfully contributing their best.

Would you like your team to :

  • Be enthusiastic and energized when they start work every day?
  • Be proud of the work they do and self-motivated to do more?
  • Solve problems even before they become problems?
  • Infuse your workplace (in the office or at home) with laughter and creativity?
  • Inspire each other (and you) to be their best selves?

These are the signs that you have a strong team who is joyfully driving business success.

Why Joy?

We are more productive when we are not distracted or disheartened.

Too many workplaces are so filled with pressure, tension and frustration that the only way people know how to survive is to numb themselves. There is no joy, there is only the inertia of a disengaged workforce who does the minimum to get by.

In this eBook, we share how you can create and sustain an environment that engages your team in joyful productivity.

In this eBook, you will get :

 A framework to understand what gives people joy and fulfillment.

An introduction to our proprietary Blueprint for Building Business Culture to start you off on installing your desired culture that will bring your business forward.

 Access to case studies of companies who have successfully embarked on their culture transformation journey and the impact that it has had on their business.

 Access to our award-winning culture diagnostic tool The Joy Audit® that will give you insights into how you can unlock performance in your team.

Reviews On The Ebook From Business Leaders

Get this 30+ page eBook, complete with our proprietary Blueprint to Building Business Culture, a diagnostic tool and a helpful checklist that will help you:

Build the kind of culture where you will have teams who are aligned, accountable and achieving results.

About The Author

Janet Lee

Business Culture Consultant, Experiential Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Speaker & Author

Janet is the CEO of 95%, the Business Culture Consultancy.  95%’s vision is to turn workplaces into joyplaces through custom designed culture enhancement programmes.

Janet’s unique background in both advertising and people development makes her a valuable asset to leaders who want to evoke greater engagement from their employees.

As the lead consultant and performance coach, Janet works closely with CEOs, HODs and other leaders in the area of conceptualizing and installing company cultures; to gain clarity in purpose and focus, developing mastery of self, relationship and in business. In the course of working closely with the leaders, she helps unearth actionable insights on key focus areas of change that would yield the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. 


“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

~ Simon Sinek ~

Discover the framework to turn your workplace into a Joyplace!