Mama Strength 


Build up your core and pelvic floor strength and feel your stamina return, whilst gifting yourself some essential ME TIME to reconnect with 'YOU'

Join a nurturing community of strong women on a holistic mental health and wellbeing journey.

Mama Strength is a private Pilates tailored programme helping mums or mums-to-be, who are 35+
prepare for the physicalities of parenthood.

The Mama Strength Pilates Programme is for:

  • Mums who are 35+ with children 6months-10 years who are looking to powerfully regain strength and energy after childbirth, whilst being gentle and respectful of the body and its massive changes.
  • Pregnant women who want to maintain strength during, and prepare for life beyond childbirth.

JOIN ANYTIME - subject to availability.  This programme is designed around you and you can start at any time. Contact me today to discuss what your tailored plan will look like.

I'm Alison Brewerton, a Level 3 Matwork Pilates instructor with L3 Pre- and Post-natal pilates qualification and I'm a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach. I'm also a dance teacher of 20+ years. I had my daughter in my late thirties and discovered Pilates to help me regain my pre-child strength.  I'm on a mission to help other mums do the same.  

"Highly recommend Dancing Mama Fitness Pilates. I’ve been doing a course with Alison and have really noticed a big improvement each week. Her knowledge and expertise is obvious. I always feel so much better after each class, relaxed as well as energised." Alice

What I wish I'd known...

Maintaining strength during pregnancy, and building strength and fitness gradually after childbirth has wonderful benefits for mums: preparing the body for all the physical eventualities that come with having kids; helping parents to enjoy play time with them on those great days out and holidays to come; and prepping for high impact fitness types.

As a fitness instructor I quite often hear parents saying: 'I don't have enough time', or 'I can't afford it', particularly in these post-pandemic times. This makes me sad, people…but our health IS our wealth, and keeping strong for our kids so we can give them and ourselves the strength and energy to have quality lifestyle or playtime and to avoid injury or burn out is so important.

So this Pilates instructor, ‘later in life’ mum, and lover of dance, spots a need to TRANSFORM the lives of other parents, whilst giving guaranteed Me Time on a guaranteed regular basis. Just wish I'd have found this when I needed it myself!

What you'll get: The triple whammy

Strengthen Body & Mind

Regular Pilates very much concentrates on powerfully strengthening the body, breathing, calming the busy mind and immediately incorporate weekly Me Time to focus on you. You can't pour from an empty cup, sister. This is your plan to help you stay on track in a way a straight up gym membership won't do. Reach your goals faster! Sessions are either online or in person in a boutique studio close to Buckingham.

Support The Goals

This programme doesn't stop at fitness.  You'll receive nutrition guidance, inspiration and motivation to support you in many areas of parent health and wellbeing - things that might be on your mind or that you need some guidance on.  A monthly top up of inspiration from Alison covering for example: sleep, pelvic floor strength, preparing for menopause and nutrition.

Women Supporting Women

Feel the love through group accountability with a community of other phenomenal women dealing with similar issues, with a monthly forum to discuss, unpick and rebuild the sticking points that are holding you back from being, well, YOU.

Mama Strength

This is a four month pilates programme that you can start at any time to keep you focussed on YOU, your personal GOALS, and re-building or maintaining your mind & body STRENGTH, giving you a more FULFILLED life to give back so much more to your family. 

Through this membership you’ll:

  • take some escapism time to breathe, stretch and strengthen the body;
  • set up routines and practices that will stick, with buy in and understanding from the WHOLE household; and
  • kick-butt and GIVE SO MUCH MORE in so many key lifestyle areas: work, family, friendships, dating, fitness and wellbeing (and the list goes on)...

What do I need to do to achieve this?

All you need to do is make every penny of investment into YOU give YOU what you need: show up, keep engaged and put the weekly and daily, manageable routine into place so you see the transformation. I don't want you to waste your time or investment, so we'll work closely together over the four months to achieve your goals.


MAMA STRENGTH SPARK: £55 per month:

  • weekly online open group pilates - three options per week unlimited access;

  • online group support session with your Mama Strength crew - group discussion to target areas for personal development;

  • initial Postural analysis to identify a focussed plan for you to work through on your own as often as you are able to;

  • monthly online bespoke session to work on your personal goals;

  • FREE Brilliance Box to first 3 to sign up.

PURE MAMA STRENGTH: £68* per month or £98**:

  • *One 1-2-1 or **two 1-2-1s per month to focus on super-boosting your strength and supporting health goals through bespoke fitness or nutrition support;

  • Drop into one weekly group online session to keep the momentum going;

  • FREE Brilliance Box.

VIP MAMA STRENGTH (limited availability): £249 per month:

  • all the Mama Strength perks; plus

  • weekly in person Pilates upgrade** - you choose your focus each week. I will unpick and work through any areas you’re stuck on - supporting you with a particular fitness goal with a bespoke Pilates and nutrition programme for you;

  • access to free on demand replays of your 1-2-1 sessions;

  • FREE Brilliance Upgrade Box to every VIP member to get you started.*

Monthly instalment options available.

LESSON FORMATS: **Max three people per in person session at my boutique studio based near Buckingham, or online via Zoom. We'll keep in regular touch with support for the community through an optional private Facebook Group.

TIME COMMITMENT: minimum two hours each week, plus the monthly group discussion (recordings available if you can’t make it live) - or more if you want it...we can discuss how this might look.

*Brilliance Box of goodies contains: a pilates home work out set, essential oils and some tools to get you organised: super charge your streamlining processes, and get some Me Time saviours! 

        Take care of yourself and start today.

        "I would definitely recommend these classes. [...] I am more conscious about my posture during the day and felling much more flexible. I started with shoulder tension and a running injury and doing this course has helped immensely." Lyndsey

          Why should I invest in a monthly programme?

          Have you dabbled from one lifestyle or fitness plan to another, hoping to solve a lifestyle or health problem? Chopped one practice or routine, and not changed because you didn't have time to find another option - and found yourself procrastinating over what to do next? Weeks turn into months, and change just DOESN'T COME for months and you dig deeper into emotional messiness? By signing up to a fixed term membership, aiming towards SMART goals, we are 95% more likely to achieve goals if accountable to someone else, and that's what Mama Strength will do: hold you accountable to your goals and aspirations in friendly very small group sessions with me, and regular group check ins. In addition to this - the value you'll get in the group sessions will be massive.  It's an up front payment to encourage you to stick with the plan as it's all too easy to leave a monthly paid course before the benefits are obvious. Pilates is a slow (and very effective) burner and needs to be committed to.  We can achieve ALOT through this dedicated fitness plan.