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Printable resources that make allergy life easier.

  • 25 MAM recipe sheets
      • 50 dairy-free breakfast ideas
      • 50 dairy-free dinner ideas
        • 11 double-duty dinner ideas
        • 34 dairy-free foods that freeze well

        Members can easily find these printable sheets in our member library. 

        Print for your allergy binder!


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        Milk Allergy Mom Membership Changes Lives

        • members are eating out for the first time
            • members are going to school safely
            • members are traveling to exciting places
              • members are having fun family holidays
              • members are finding the best doctors
              • members are happier than ever before
              • and on the hard days, we have each other

              What Do I Get Inside Membership?


              It's that simple, membership happens in two easy places.

              • library where past content is saved
              • support group where new content is posted

              WELCOME GIFTS

              When you join, you'll get fun gifts both in email and happy snail mail. Enjoy!

              • 25 printable recipe sheets
              • printable MAM restful days planner
              • stress relief coloring sheet for mom
              • allergy pup coloring sheet for kids

              SUPPORT GROUP

              Daily discussions are posted here, and members can also post questions and share stories. Choose one or both platforms:

              • private group on Facebook
              • membership app off social media

              MEMBER LIBRARY

              Our member library is password-protected on the Milk Allergy Mom website. Here's what it includes:

              • 150 encouraging videos
              • 30 allergy binder sheets
              • 25 recipe sheets
              • 10 helpful challenges


              Watch hours of helpful videos in our member library at your convenience.

              • allergist researcher interviews
                • allergy leader interviews 
                • member mom interviews  
                • kids in the kitchen videos 
                • desensitization updates 

                EASY CHALLENGES

                Always available in our library, work at your own pace.

                • allergy mom checklist challenge ($15 value)
                • allergy binder challenge ($97 value) 
                • allergy binder bonus challenge ($97 value)
                • dinner plan & budget challenge ($97 value)
                • 5-minute stress relief challenge ($27 value)
                • freezer cooking challenge ($27 value)
                • weekly meal plan challenge ($27 value)
                • monthly exercise challenge ($10/mo. value)

                DAILY DISCUSSIONS

                Like meeting up with friends for happy hour each day!

                • recipe sharing
                    • encouraging videos
                    • shopping tips
                      • tribe connection
                      • stress relief

                      MEMBER EMAIL

                      Our weekend email makes sure you didn't miss a thing from the week:

                      • encouraging video
                      • recipe sheets to print 
                      • allergy binder sheets to print
                      • recap of support group discussions

                      Use what you need, leave the rest. We price membership so it's worth even just one of your favorite features.

                      Your credit card will be charged $5.99/mo. the first two months, then $11.99 automatically each month following. Cancel anytime. No obligations. By joining Milk Allergy Mom Membership, you agree to this member agreement. Together we can do this.

                      Hundreds of Happy Moms


                      "This has been LIFE CHANGING. It has given me the knowledge and courage to seek out better care and better treatments for my children and our family. Words can never express how grateful I am to be here!"


                      “I felt a connection to everyone right away, and didn’t want to give that up! So I just made it part of my budget and have been here ever since!” 


                      "Jamie, you are doing an awesome job. You give us hope, encouragement, comfort and education…a community where we all feel like everything is going to be ok. We love you!”

                      "You can't help but be drawn to Jamie because of her positivity and engaging topics. She is a real mom, with real life food allergy challenges, and she shares them in an open honest way that makes you love her!" SPOKIN APP

                      We Are Here For You

                      Food Allergy Friend, 

                      I know life with food allergies can be a little stressful.

                      And spending hours digging, searching, and scrolling online just adds to the overwhelm. 

                      That's where WE come in!

                      Milk Allergy Mom Membership was created to be allergy support like never before.

                      Learning and encouragement right at your fingertips...

                      in one easy, peace-of-mind place. 

                      If you're ready to fast-track your knowledge...

                      to focus your time online...

                      and to have more energy for your family...

                      then join me, top allergy leaders, and 200 sweet allergy friends in membership!

                      It's positive, uplifting support your family deserves.

                      We can't wait to be part of your allergy adventure!

                      Here for you, 


                      LIVES CHANGED, PRICELESS

                      Frequent Questions

                      How is this different from other allergy groups?

                      Our membership is easy and stress-free. It's organized with busy allergy moms in mind. Here you get the best help in just an hour a week. And we put it all at your fingertips. No need to scroll, search, and dig online. Milk Allergy Mom Membership will make your days happier and your nights calm. We value your time and your peace-of-mind.

                      What if I have other allergies besides milk?

                      Then you won't be alone! The top 8 food allergies are represented inside our Facebook group along with many other food allergies like corn and oats. Several of our members are gluten-free, and most of us manage other allergic conditions like eczema and asthma. Milk just happens to be our common denominator in most cases.

                      Can I join even if I don't manage a milk allergy?

                      Of course! We have members who don't have milk allergy or have outgrown or treated milk allergy. And they still find a ton of value and support with us. As long as you're managing food allergies, most of our help like stress relief, allergist videos, adventure stories, and more are universal. Even some without milk allergy say this is the only support they need.

                      Do I Have To Be a Mom?

                      While most of our members are allergy moms, you certainly don't have to be one to enjoy most all the discussions and perks inside membership! We have some ladies who are just managing food allergies for themselves and still find great value and friendship inside our group. We'd love to have you be part of the MAM fam!

                      What If I'm A Food Allergy Grandma?

                      Oh my goodness, we love our allergy grandmas! And you will more than fit right in. In fact, we have several amazing grandmothers inside membership, including my own mother-in-law. Grandmas make the world AND membership go round. Please do join us. xo

                      Why Does It Cost Money?

                      Milk Allergy Mom was built on free recipes, courses, and community for thousands of families our first decade online, and those things remain free. After 10 years together, though, you asked for more. And offering more personalized support was just the natural progression based on your needs and my skills. I love creating and organizing our very best help for members, and I hope you'll check out all the #memberperks inside!

                      Happy Guarantee

                      Do we offer a satisfaction guarantee? You bet. It's really hard for me to buy stuff if I don't have the option to return it. I'm sure you're the same! If you try MAM Membership and find it's not a good fit for you, we'll gladly refund your first month membership. Just contact Jamie to cancel in your first 30 days and ask for your money back. No questions asked, but we welcome feedback. We want all our members happy!

                      Your credit card will be charged $5.99/mo. the first two months, then $11.99 automatically each month following. Cancel anytime. No obligations. By joining Milk Allergy Mom Membership, you agree to this member agreement. Together we can do this.

                      We Need Each Other

                      Lately, allergy experts and healthcare professionals everywhere urge that having food allergy support is pivotal for managing stress and anxiety that run rampant today. 

                      We can choose to spend hours online piecing together food allergy help with total strangers. Or we can invest in a special online community where we get to know friends we can trust and their backgrounds for context. 

                      You can be part of the only online food allergy membership and support group with a 13-year foundation and proven track-record of inspiring help. Or you can keep going at this alone. 

                      I know...with all the websites and groups and Facebook pages you may not exactly feel alone. But once you become a MAM Member, you'll realize you may not have really had a tribe until now.

                      Remember, we are a small group. Just 200 families who can get to know you. Not 17,000 like our Facebook page. Hang out with my allergist researcher doing every type of treatment and our allergy leader friends like Alisa at Go Dairy Free, Susie at the Spokin app, Liz at Pixie Lizzie, Jennifer and Tiffany at Fun For All Foods, Kathlena at The Allergy Chef, Tamara at Food Allergy Counselor, Beth at Amanda's Own, author Jessica Smartt, and more! 

                      Friend, your time, energy, and peace-of-mind are important to us. In Milk Allergy Mom Membership, you're going to learn a lot, be encouraged, and possibly even change the course of your journey for the better.  

                      If you haven't found an online space that does all this for you, we'd love to be your new food allergy home!

                      Together, it truly is better. And we can do this...without the overwhelm

                      I hope to welcome you to the MAM fam today!

                      Here for you, 

                      1/2 OFF YOUR FIRST 2 MONTHS!

                      Your credit card will be charged $5.99/mo. the first two months, then $11.99 automatically each month following. Cancel anytime. No obligations. By joining Milk Allergy Mom Membership, you agree to this member agreement. Together we can do this.