Maggie's Mark - Steamy Romantic Suspense

The CIA told me to hunt him down. Instead, I fell in love with him.

It’s 1987 and CIA officer Maggie Barnes has the opportunity of her life—take down Ricardo Ceiba, Colombia’s most prominent drug lord.

But the more Maggie learns about Ricardo, and the deeper she goes undercover the more she sees Ricardo for who he really is. Her mission becomes an impossible choice—take down the man she loves or betray her country.


Saving My Spring Fling - A Small Town Romcom

You can't let love ruin a good time . . .

When unassuming Green Rock kindergarten teacher Simmie Ward lets loose in Vancouver with her friends over spring break, trouble ensues. Trouble by the name of Blaine Peters.

Blaine’s got that look that all the girls love—a head of gorgeous curls and blue eyes that melt the iciest of hearts. But none of them ever mattered to him, until he met Simmie.

After a relaxing vacation in the big city, Simmie returns to Green Rock to discover the bad boy she thought she left in the city is staying next door. Will Simmie tame Blaine’s bad boy ways, or is Blaine up to no good at Simmie’s expense?

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Michelle Cornish

Michelle writes thrillers, romantic suspense, and women's fiction. Her favourite stories involve strong women in sticky situations!