Are you often triggered by your child's behaviour?

Do you find yourself reacting instead of responding?

Do you want to be calmer and more patient with your kids?

Do you want more co-operation and fewer struggles? 


Understand and overcome your own triggers so you can feel calmer and be more patient and connected with your kids.

When there's more connection, you'll benefit from more co-operation and fewer struggles. 

Learn the simple CBT strategies that will help you feel calmer and stay more centred, even in the face of challenging situations.

The workshop will take place online, register your details to save your space or to watch on replay

Learn why it's hard for you to stay calm and patient with your kids (and why you've not been able to break this pattern until now)

Learn what you can do instead so you're not overwhelmed by your feelings. And can respond instead of react

Find out how I can support you to regulate your own emotions and be the calm and patient parent you want to be 


Feel calmer and more connected. Get the support you need. Break intergenerational patterns.