Hi. I am Bhavin. I am working on a few projects. It's time to share my journey

Bhavin Prajapati


I'm working on a few product ventures to help researchers and those with accessibility needs


I'm also working on a few books, a blog, and poetry. Hoping to finish my first book this year! 


Bhavin Prajapati

The alone adventurer is a myth. Sharing the story is the best part of the journey. I'm just trying to make sense of the world with what I know best and what I fear most. 

Here is what you will get updates for twice a month: 

  • En Labs (company I'm trying to get started) 
  • Writing projects (Incurious and The Constellation Trinity)
  • FiftyTwo250 blog posts, op eds and poetry 
  • Photography projects 

So come with me if you want to live? 

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