In this turbulent and challenging time, the best thing you can do for your financial future is to SAVE. 

Here's a guide to do it in a way that feels graceful, easy and expansive!

Hi, my name is

Katy Chen Mazzara

I'm a certified financial coach who helps creative, freedom seekers make more money, create financial freedom and worry less! Without making unrealistic sacrifices and "budgeting," I can help you stop the cycle of feast or famine, truly know your worth and create a life doing what you love!

You'll learn:

Self Worth = Net Worth

One of the best ways to improve your ability to make and save more money is to work on your own self worth. And this pdf will give you a very simple trick to help all of us with self worth.

Feel Financially Free!

With the stock market declines, this is the best time to boost your emergency savings account! Learn how much you really need and why this will make you feel financially free.

Savings Rates

I'll show you which banks have the best savings rates, and show you how to open your accunt!

Get your guide!