Wish it were easier to get staff onboard with supporting Speech, Language and Communication Needs in your school?

Wish staff understood that when they teach in a way that supports children's Speech and Language, they are supporting ALL children?

Never get enough time to deliver CPD sessions, and when you do, don’t get enough time to prep?

Wish it were all just easier?

We all know that delivering key ideas around Speech and Language Needs (SLCN) to staff on the occasional twilight session or inset day is a drop in the ocean when it comes to creating change in the classroom.

Just as with the children, us adults need to hear things multiple times before they ‘stick’.

That’s why I developed ‘Drip-fed Speech and Language CPD by email’.

It’s a series of emails that turn up in your inbox once a half-term (6 a school year altogether), and all you have to do is email it out to your staff mailing list.

My promise to you:

  • Emails have practical actionable things in them
  • Emails contain links to useful resources/blogs or free stuff (But not too many!)
  • This is the best one – YOU don’t have to do anything!

Some examples of what the emails are about:

  • What is SLCN?
  • Would you know SLCN if you see it?
  • How does SLCN impact literacy?

This email sequence is written with Primary settings in mind.  

The email sequence will start in September, or whenever you join if it is after that. This product will automatically renew with a new email sequence after 12 months unless you cancel. You will get a reminder via email before this happens. 

I will use whichever email you sign up with to send the product to, so please choose the most appropriate email.

Please look for your welcome email in your junk folder if it does not automatically appear, and add us to your approved sender list

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Drip-feed Speech and Language CPD by email

A half-termly email for you to share with your staff, to quietly build knowledge and skills with almost no effort on your part!

10.00 GBP / year

Thank you for your purchase

Have a great day!


How does it work?

When you sign up, your email sequence will start automatically. All you have to do is:

  • Make sure we are added to your ‘safe sender’ list
  • Look out for the emails in your inbox
  • Forward them on to your target staff

Will you send me junk?

No, I wouldn’t dream of it. I will occasionally send you details of other products you might be interested in, but you can unsubscribe from those emails at any time without it affecting the emails you have paid for

Can I sign up to this for my own CPD as a SENCO?

Yes, of course, if you just want the content for yourself, you just don’t forward it on.  The content is aimed at staff who may not have come across SLCN much before, so it would be especially suitable for new SENCOs or those who would like a refresher

Can I sign up to this as an outside Professional or Parent?

Yes, of course, the emails are targeted for Primary-aged children with a focus on the mainstream classroom environment, but there will be plenty for you to learn in any case!

Got any other questions?

Drop me an email at findthekeyslt@hotmail.com, I will be happy to answer them

    What if I am not happy with the product?

    You can get a full refund within the first term (defined as within 12 weeks of purchase), just email me at findthekeyslt@hotmail.com

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