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1. How often do you restock your trainers?

We restock select trainers every Wednesday at 11 AM PST on our website

2. What do you mean by select trainers? Do all the trainers restock every Wednesday?

We do not restock every model and variant each drop. We restock a different selection each week. To see the drop list each week, please subscribe to our email newsletter above.

3. Is there another way to see the drop list?

Yes. If you do not prefer emails, you can follow us on Twitter where we post a link to the drop list weekly. 

4. How do I know what is dropping this week?

Please subscribe to our email newsletter above or follow us on Twitter for a weekly drop list. 

5. When do you usually send out the newsletter?

We typically send out one weekly newsletter every Friday or Monday night (PST), but sometimes we may send it out on a different day. 

6. What is the best way to secure a unit during a drop?

We suggest being ready at exactly 10:59 AM/11 AM PST for the best chance to secure a unit. Make sure you have the right variant/model selected using the drop-down menu on the product page and then refresh the page. Please keep in mind adding an item to the cart does not reserve the product. 

7. The balisong has not dropped yet but it already says "sold out?"

Products will be listed as "sold out" until restocked or dropped.

8. Can I buy your trainers anywhere else?

Yes, you can find a list of authorized retailers here