Fall in Love with Marketing and Connect to the Right Audience Through Storytelling

What would you give to:

  • have an engaged audience? 
  • be yourself even when marketing your business? 
  • be visible on your own terms? 
  • help others in the process? 

That's all I've ever wanted for my business. 

And in pursuit of the perfect balance between authenticity, profit and happiness, I read countless books, attended events, conferences, invested in online courses. 

But still, I wasn't feeling like myself. And the audience I was attracting wasn't the one I wanted to work with. 

I've started my business because I knew there was more to life. And that I had much to give to people. 

But attempt after attempt, nothing was clicking. 

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly invited to comply with the standard ways to sell, do marketing, communicate ... but we are unique beings and this should reflect in everything we produce. 

Which is why I have decided to create this masterclass: to share with you the secrets that allowed me to build a business that looks like me. 

Wednesday 29th of July, 4:30PM - 5:30PM BST


During this one-hour masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to create a marketing strategy that works for you
  • Why creating authentic connections is vital for your business and for yourself
  • The secret of a profitable business 
  • How to prepare to promote your business
  • The five essential elements of business storytelling 

Hey I'm Beatrice!

I’m a storytelling coach on a mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself, leveraging the power of storytelling to be more visible, give back to the community and make dreams come true. 
In the past decade, I went from feeling insecure, fake and penniless to creating a profitable business that looks like me. 
I want to show you how. 


  1. Everything I'll share is based on my own experience of having to share my story for my business
  2. You will have time at the end of the masterclass to ask me questions 
  3. There is a workbook that comes with it
  4. It is fun! 
  5. You will join an international community through the newsletter 
  6. You can be anywhere in the world and attend the masterclass
  7. It is more than a masterclass but an invitation to stop feeling like you are the only one. There's a whole bunch of us
  8. If you eventually cannot make it to the training, I'll send you the recording and virtual hugs 
  9. There are two scholarships available
  10. You will see plenty of examples to learn from

4 Ways Storytelling Is Going to Change Your Life

1. You’ll be more aware

My story, your story goes beyond your data, beyond the places you’ve been to. Your story is about how those experiences shaped you and how they brought you to start this particular business for this specific audience.

2. You’ll feel more confident

Not knowing your story makes you walk like a one-year-old child. Whereas, once you have acknowledged your story, you become a well-balanced Simon Biles!

3. You’ll feel free

The more I looked back into my story, the more I shared my story on stages, during conferences, workshops etc., the more I knew what others said was nonsense. I embraced myself, my introversion and everything it entails. I felt free.

4. You’ll feel in control

When you are travelling towards your authentic self, you pick up your own way of telling your story: you choose what to share, who to share it with, what medium to use, what fits with you. You are in control.

What entrepreneurs said about the masterclass


Where is the masterclass taking place? 

You'll join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs on Zoom 

How can I pay for this? 

Once you click on the "book here" button you'll be redirected to an Acuity page, you'll be able to pay there with your card 

Do you offer refunds? 

I won't refund your ticket but if you can't participate anymore I'll send you a video recording of the masterclass and you'll be able to ask me at most three questions via email 

What if I'm in another continent? 

People from India, the US and the EU have attended the masterclass so far, you are more than welcome to join from wherever you are

Will I be able to ask direct questions to Beatrice? 

You most certainly will. At the end of the masterclass there will be a live Q&A

What happens after the masterclass? 

You'll be invited to join a private free group and will be welcomed in the family of 300+ purpose-driven entrepreneurs

What else is included in the price? 

You'll receive:

  1. a one-hour masterclass, 
  2. actionbook, 
  3. a Free 15-minute training on how to tell your story
  4. a discount on the storytelling coaching package 

Want to ask a question? Drop me a message

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