Do you want better gluten-free bread? Help is on the way!

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Gluten-Free Bread Step-By-Step Course now available!

Recorded Bread Workshop, 4 Bread Recipes, Video Tutorials & Support  

inside a private Facebook group 

You can learn at your own pace - and start now!

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What you will get:

Recorded Gluten-Free Bread Workshop:

  • Four essential key principles to Gluten-Free Bread Success
  • A simple recipe for gluten-free bread with three modifications (seeded and fluffier loaves + fluffy rolls)
  • Success tips for creating the perfect loaf
  • Troubleshooting

    Continued support

    • Our Facebook group houses the course videos and offers you continued support
    • Easy to follow step-by-step bake along videos
    • Replay of the most recent bread workshop 
    • I will be inside our private course FB group answering your questions guiding you throughout
    • Monthly live Q&A sessions in Zoom for you to drop in and talk about all things gluten-free bread and baking
    Henna - white blonde woman with glasses on adding flour to a bowl whilst watching at a ring light making a video

    Here are breads from the course made by my students 

    - Can't wait to see yours!

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    Simple and Tasty Gluten-Free Bread course

    Online course to help you get quickly into baking tasty gluten-free bread! Zoom workshop + private Facebook group with video tutorials & support

    47.00 USD

    Thank you for purchasing the Simple and Tasty Gluten-Free Bread Course!

    Now join our course Facebook group to access the course!

    • What flours are used in the recipe? Can they be substituted if needed?  The bread recipes uses teff as the main component. The fluffier versions use tapioca starch and potato/corn starch. I have tested the recipe with other flour options and those can be used - of course this affects the structure and  flavour of the bread somewhat. We can go over adjustments during the Live Workshop, or inside the private Facebook group where I host live Q&A sessions and answer also questions posted in the group.
    • Is the bread suitable for vegans? Yes, the recipes have versions that are suitable for vegans.
    • Is the bread suitable for other special dietary needs? The recipe is dairy free and doesn’t contain nuts. The main ingredients are teff, water and yeast. The recipes are free of GF oats, rice and buckwheat and can made without potato or corn (fluffy rolls have either potato or corn starch). I have chosen teff as the gluten-free grain as it is in general well tolerated and reasonably well available as flour and has delicious flavour. There are different options of the recipe to meet different tastes (no seeds, seeded and fluffier bread + fluffy rolls).
    • What if I can't attend the Live Bread workshop? The recording of the latest workshop will be available in our course's private Facebook group so you can start whenever you want. There will also be monthly Q&A session on Zoom live with me and you can post your questions in the group, so you will get the support even if you aren't able to attend the workshop. 
    • How do I join the course? After you have purchased the course you will be sent details on how to join the private Facebook group dedicated for the course. Request permission to join group and answer entrance questions. Please allow 48 hours for me to process your request and let you in. The course materials are available in the group straight away so you can get stuck in the learning even before the Zoom workshop if you want to. 
    • I don’t use Facebook, can I still access the course? At this moment you need to be in the Facebook group to access the course materials. If you are ok with it, you could join Facebook with minimal personal details and visibility, and use your account just to join the course group.
    • What if I don’t find the course right for me, can I have my money back? If you feel stuck, I would appreciate if you reached out to me by email or inside the group, so that I can help you get value from the course. If you really don't find the content of the course suits your needs, you can get a refund within the first 48 hours of being entered into the group - provided it is within the 14 days of when you have made your purchase. After being refunded you will naturally not get access to the Facebook group and the step-by-step bake along videos and recipe pdfs.