TikTok Mastery for Business

Complete TikTok Marketing Course for Business

✔️ Easy to follow (5.5 hours) video training, that walks you through every step of the TikTok Platform, from A to Z ($807 value)
✔️ My powerful strategies for running TikTok, not just in theory but in practice as well. ($193 value)
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Start, grow, and utilize the TikTok platform from scratch


Introducing TikTok Mastery for Business

TikTok Mastery for Business teaches how to start, grow, and utilize the TikTok platform from scratch.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any tech skills or any previous marketing experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

This will help you start properly with this type of marketing activity which plays an important role in modern marketing strategies, and it is an important part of the marketing mix.

We are going to show you how to cultivate the TikTok Beginner’s Mind that helps you master this chosen area. Plus, it will make the whole process way more interesting and fun.

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When You Join TikTok Mastery for Business, You
Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Module 1

Introduction to Course

Lesson 1: Before we start
Lesson 2: TikTok Introduction
Lesson 3: What is TikTok and Why is it so Important?
Lesson 4: How did TikTok grow so quickly?
Lesson 5: TikTok Strategy
Lesson 6: AI-based platforms Growing pains

Module 2

Getting started with TikTok

Lesson 7: Getting started with TikTok
Lesson 8: How to Use TikTok properly?
Lesson 9: How to create a video?
Lesson 10: What’s in the Home feed?
Lesson 11: How to search for specific accounts or videos?
Lesson 12: TikTok Direct Messages
Lesson 13: Your Profile
Lesson 14: What is a duet?
Lesson 15: TikTok Livestream
Lesson 16: Virtual Items

Module 3

The Parents' Corner

Lesson 17: The Parents' Corner Intro
Lesson 18: Why do Teens Love TikTok?
Lesson 19: Are There Parental Controls?
Lesson 20: What are its dangers?
Lesson 21: What can I do to protect my Kids on TikTok?

Module 4

Characteristics and Development of Self-Media Era

Lesson 22: Characteristics and Development of Self-Media Era
Lesson 23: Who is on TikTok?
Lesson 24: First, Define Your Why
Lesson 25: Why Your Business Should Be on TikTok?
Lesson 26: Brands That Will Inspire Your TikTok Strategy
Lesson 27: Analyzing Your Target Audience and Your Competition

Module 5

Creating Content for TikTok

Lesson 28: Creating Content for TikTok
Lesson 29: Creative Tips
Lesson 30: Content Creation
Lesson 31: TikTok Formats and Tools
Lesson 32: User-Generated Content (UGC)
Lesson 33: Professional User-Generated Content (PUGC)
Lesson 34: TikTok Hashtags Strategies
Lesson 35: Hashtag Challenges

Module 6

Introduction to TikTok Marketing

Lesson 36: Establishing a Pro Team and Improving Content Quality
Lesson 37: Clear Positioning and Promoting Accurate Marketing
Lesson 38: Integrating Channels and Aggregating Audience
Lesson 39: Reimagining Your Brand Personality
Lesson 40: Who Will Represent Your Brand?
Lesson 41: Building Brand Awareness
Lesson 42: Personalities Need Brand Content

Module 7

TikTok Marketing Strategies

Lesson 43: TikTok Marketing Strategies
Lesson 44: Personality-Driven Strategy
Lesson 45: Performance-Driven Strategy
Lesson 46: User-Generated Content (UGC) - Driven Strategy
Lesson 47: Repackaged Content Strategy
Lesson 48: Message-Driven Strategy
Lesson 49: Cooperating with TikTok's Web Celebrity Strategy

Module 8

Developing the TikTok Marketing Strategy

Lesson 50: Developing the TikTok Marketing Strategy
Lesson 51: Challenges - Hashtag Campaign
Lesson 52: Duet
Lesson 53: Stitch
Lesson 54: Scarcity
Lesson 55: Authenticity
Lesson 56: Community - HOW DO YOU GET STARTED
Lesson 57: TikTok Influencer Marketing

ASSIGNMENT: Your Turn to Be On Camera + Homework

Module 9

TikTok Ads

Lesson 58: Introduction to TikTok Ads and Placements
Lesson 59: Getting started with TikTok Ads
Lesson 60: TikTok Ads Manager Introduction
Lesson 61: Ad Campaign Structure Introduction
Lesson 62: Campaign Structure
Lesson 63: Importance of Ad Groups
Lesson 64: Ad Structure
Lesson 65: Create a Campaign
Lesson 66: General Marketing Objectives
Lesson 67: TikTok Marketing Objectives
Lesson 68: Budget
Lesson 69: Ad Delivery Type
Lesson 70: Create an Ad Group Introduction
Lesson 71: Create an Ad Group - Step-by-Step
Lesson 72: Ad Targeting Introduction
Lesson 73: Ad Targeting: Audience, Demographics, and Devices
Lesson 74: Bidding Methods
Lesson 75: Bidding Strategies
Lesson 76: App Event Optimization
Lesson 77: Create an Ad
Lesson 78: Tips and Tricks for Optimization and for Getting Started
Lesson 79: TikTok Creative Tools

Module 10

TikTok Analytics

Lesson 80: TikTok Analytics: 

  • Introduction,
  • Why do you need Analytics? 
  • Native TikTok Analytics, 
  • TikTok pixel, 
  • Tiklytics, 
  • Pentos.

Module 11

TikTok Tips and Tricks

Lesson 81: TikTok Tips and Tricks:

  • TikTok Ads Tips, 
  • Content Marketing Tips, 
  • Creating a brand community Tips, 
  • Driving Sales Tips.

Module 12

Simple TikTok Sales Funnel

Lesson 82: Easy to use 3 steps TikTok Sales Funnel

Module 13

Final Words and Congratulations

Lesson 83: Final Words and Congratulations

BONUS Module 13

Wrap-up the most important things

  1. Introduction to the BONUS MODULE
  2. Is TikTok Good for Marketing?
  3. TikTok is for Videos Only
  4. Cultivate a community of followers
  5. TikTok's organic reach for brands
  6. Introduction to Brand Awareness
  7. Rules when using TikTok for Marketing
  8. Understanding TikTok Algorithm
  9. Defining an Ideal Viewer
  10. Define your objectives
  11. Introduction to TikTok Content Strategies
  12. User-Generated Content Strategy
  13. How to create great User-Generated Content for TikTok?
  14. Personality-Driven Strategy
  15. Performance-Driven Strategy
  16. Repackaged Content Strategy
  17. Message-Driven Strategy
  18. Cooperating with TikTok influencers
  19. Creating Relevant Content
  20. Tips for creating the best video content
  21. Analyze your video performance
  22. TikTok Algorithm and Algorithm Categorisation
  23. TikTok SEO
  24. How To Go Viral on TikTok?
  25. Tiktok Marketing FAQs
  26. TikTok Final words

Here's a summary of everything you get...

This is not your typical "course". In the DIGITAL form, I will provide everything you need to run successful TikTok marketing campaigns

Complete TikTok Marketing Program for Business

✔️ Easy to follow (5.5 hours) video training, that walks you through every step of the TikTok Platform, from A to Z ($807 value)
✔️ My powerful strategies for running TikTok, not just in theory but in practice as well. ($193 value)
✔️ Full access to the BONUS SECTION with even more juicy goodies, eBooks, Ready-made templates, and tutorials. ($159 value)
✔️ Learn and Work at Your Own Pace with this Program.


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Proven Strategies

Hi, my name is Dejan. Me and my team have read all the books, enrolled in all the courses, seminars, and webinars related to TikTok. And we have prepared for you this complete TikTok course, where we teach the best-proven video marketing strategies moving forward and showing you how to develop your TikTok Marketing Strategy from scratch.

We hold nothing back as we will show you secret growth hacks, tips, tricks, and strategies that can not be seen anywhere else for growing quickly and going viral.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is this TikTok Program for beginners or experts?

Answer: IT IS FOR BOTH. TikTok Mastery for Business is a Complete TikTok Marketing Program for Business People in Marketing.

We will help beginners with different approaches so that you can apply them to learning, looking for solutions, and performing tasks.

This Program is also for someone who believes to have gained enough experience in digital marketing and understands how certain things are done generally.

Question: When can I see real results from this program?

Answer: IT DEPENDS ON YOU. It takes weeks or even months to implement all strategies that are deeply described in this TikTok Program. But, if you are an action taker and a hard worker, it is possible to see the real results within a week after joining, but it's also possible you will make nothing. 

Just because you have all this information, we cannot guarantee you will take action on it the way it is described.

Question: Will this Program be updated with new classes?

Answer: YES. This Program will be updated continuously as the platform is changing every day. Just make sure you join our FB group for the latest info.

Question: Can I address questions or problems?

Answer: YES. You will have access to a private Facebook group where we will be answering questions. Students can also use this group to share their learning experiences and thoughts. We are all here for your success, so any possible issue or roadblock will be addressed ASAP.

Question: If you are unemployed or a student...

Answer: We really want to help you build a career in digital marketing using TikTok Mastery for Business. Contact us for a special discount (proof is needed)

Question: How big is targeted audience?

Answer: Roughly 60% of TikTok are Generation Z. By 2022, there will be about 100 million Generation Z in the United States alone, making Generation Z, one of the largest generations ever. Of course, the targeted audience is much larger than what you ever can expect.