• All the postures and correct alignment in the classic sun salutation.
  • How to transition smoothly from one pose to another.
  • How to breathe during the flow.
  • The difference between a classic sun salutation and a Vinyasa-Ashtanga (Sun Salute A).
  • Tips to improve your sun salutation.
  • Confidently practice on your own.

You'll get...

50-minute workshop

A class to do in our own time, wherever you like! Do it online, or download it and keep it forever.

Step by Step 

Clear instructions, step by step. This class takes the time a normal yoga class might not have.

Happy students say...


"Montse provides really clear instructions, with a range of progressions to suit all abilities. I love being able to do the classes at home- it's helped me develop a regular practice. Thank you, Montse."


“The Sun Salutation workshop was fantastic. It's the yoga class that reaches places other classes don't reach!"

(about a longer workshop)


"Montse is such a good teacher. She makes you feel relaxed and at ease and you feel really energised afterwards. Her classes are great for any ability and she is really warm and welcoming. I highly recommend them"