Hey Busy Mom,

You've got a lot on your plate. You are juggling work, marriage, parenting, volunteer work, sports, discipline, and so much more. Your health and wellness? That usually ends up at the bottom of your to do list huh?

You want to sleep more, eat better, work out on occasion, and maybe even crack open your Bible and pray once in a while, but who has time for that?

What would happen if we decided that our own physical, spiritual, and mental health became our top priority? I'm not suggesting a self-care routine of daily lattes and massages, I'm talking about solid daily habits that allow us to bring the best version of ourselves to our daily life.

To be able to show up with energy, health, nourishment, peace, and a rock solid faith in God that can move any mountain?

That is our mission here at Working Mom's Balance. To help women pursue health, wellness, and wholeness. To quit the cycle of exhaustion and stress and overwhelm that is killing us and making us miserable. To truly be healthy, mind, body, and spirit. 

I think that has the power to change everything. We prioritize our own health not to be selfish, but because we understand that the healthier we are, the better can be, the more we can accomplish, and the further can go.

Sound good to you?

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